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HDPE Pipes

Our pipeline machines are imported from respected German brands, including Battenfeld-Cincinnati and KraussMaffei. They are outfitted with online auxiliary devices, such as a weight per meter control system and a wall thickness measuring system. We produce DN1200mm pipe, using production techniques that meet UK professional standards, and now have over 3,000 different types of PE fittings.

    1. HDPE Gas Pipe

      They are often used in urban gas transmission of plastic tubing. As PE is the insert material, it can resist corrosion from a variety of chemicals, and there is no electrochemical corrosion.

    1. HDPE Water Supply Pipe

      The extruding product lines use a special purpose polyethylene material to shape the PE water supply pipe. These pipes are used in city and town water supply pipeline nets, irrigation and channel water projects, garbage treatment sites, sewage collecting pipeline projects, and agricultural spray irrigation projects.

    1. HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe (for Drainage)

      HDPE large diameter double wall corrugated pipe is a new variety of lighting pipeline. The inner wall is small, and the outer wall is a trapezium corrugated pattern. Between the two walls is a hollow sandwich.

    1. Silicon Core HDPE Conduit (for Telecommunication)

      HDPE silicon-core pipes are specially designed to be communication optical (electric) cable protection tubing. The silicon core pipe is produced and shaped through an extruding synchronization with the silicon core material and a low friction coefficient inside the HDPE pipe.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Fittings

Cangzhou Mingzhu's PE pipe production lines are from internationally known companies, and are equipped with online meters for weight control and wall thickness measurement systems. We produce pipes in large diameters up to 1200mm. Each PE pipe fitting meets British gas industry standards, as does the coating line for electric melting pipe fittings.

Biaxially Orientated Polyamide (BOPA) Film

In order to meet the high demand of our film, we designed new simultaneous BOPA lines in 2009, 2013, 2014 with our unique orientation technology. Two lines were available in 2009. Equipped with six lines of cast tenter frame biaxial orientation stretching technology, Cangzhou Donghong Packing Material Co. Ltd. is the TOP ONE BOPA film / Polyamide Film manufacturer in China with total production capability of 30,000MT per year.

    1. Nylon Film

      Biaxially orientated PA film is also known as BOPA film. Its raw material is known as nylon 6 or PA6. The material is melted using special equipment, then extruded and processed into a film by stretching it both vertically and horizontally to make biaxially orientated PA film.

    1. Bi-axially Orientated Polyamide Film

      Production grades for the items are below
      One step product      A grade (printing grade)
      Two step product      OA grade (printing grade)

    1. Li-Ion Battery Separator

      The Li-ion battery separator is a microporous film with a main matrix of polyolefine film that has been manufactured using a one or two step stretching in hole crafts, and ion pass through functions. Li-ion batteries are known for the separate poles of positive and negative to avoid short circuiting.

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